Your Reliable Source for Ship Spares and Services in this Region

TANINDO MINERO PERKASA is a young and dynamic which was first established in year 2006. It started as a trading company serving all Indonesia which had now grown to include spare parts, engine repair service and unit engine (rent & sale). Its dedicated team of managers and staff are made up of experienced and knowledgeable personal from industry.

TANINDO MINERO PERKASA dedicated team of personnel are commited to provide customers with a very high service standart and also providing high quality products. In order to achieve and fulfill our commitments to our customers as one of the region’s leading suppliers of spare parts for diesel engine, auxillary and industrial machineries and also delivering high quality workmanship promptly, we serve with care and we do it timely (which the company had incorporated the motto: We serve with care and we do it timely.

“We serve with care and we do it timely”

Phone +62 21 29 52 68 58

Fax +62 21 543 57 967

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